"As the global trade and market for seafood has grown, so too have the twin problems of renaming and mislabeling."

                                                                                               - Jacquet & Pauly.  2008. Marine Policy, 32:309-318.

Recent studies have shown 25-50% of fish are substituted for a lower value species in retail markets.  In some cases, nearly 100% of certain species are not accurately labeled.  This fraud creates a major consumer health threat, environmental harm, and economic manipulation.

Retail sales of seafood products depend upon a quality reputation. Recent media coverage is raising critical questions that today’s grocery stores must answer with reliable, objective assurance information. So what can you do to ensure the trust your customers need?

Chefs and restaurant owners know the value of maintaining an exceptional reputation for quality, whether its service, ambiance or - in particular - food safety. So what can you do to ensure the fish served is accurately labeled?

Seafood substitution can happen at any point in the supply chain.  For the first time, retail outlets have the opportunity to be Species Certified by the US SVS.  Verifying species authenticity helps increase consumer confidence and marketability.  

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